June 3-4, 2006

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Corvallis to Portland Regatta (CPR)

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The 8th annual Corvallis to Portland Regatta (CPR) will occur on June 3-4, 2006. The minimum depth at the measuring point is 2.0 feet. Click here to monitor the water depth. If river levels are less than 2 feet or more than 6 feet, an alternative course will be rowed. For those who like acronyms, this would be SHOP. It is a row against the current from St. Helens, through the Willamette Falls Locks, to Champoeg Park for Day 1, then the usual last 2 stages ending at Oaks Park on Sunday.

Where it begins: the Willamette originates somewhere above Cottage Grove (south of Eugene), but is shallow and unsuitable for racing shells until just south of Corvallis, the home of Oregon State University. Since many of our fellow rowers are in Corvallis, and many of them, and some of us, are OSU alums, that seemed like the place to start.

Where it ends: although the river is navigable all the way to the confluence of the Columbia, we decided that our own home docks at Oaks Park would be a fitting (and convenient) place to finish.

The distance is 115 miles, including a trip through the Willamette Falls Locks at mile 104. CPR is a 2-day event, with 85 miles rowed on the first day, ending at Champoeg Park with a campfire and Buster's Texas Barbeque dinner (bring your own tent). Then early to rise Sunday morning for the 19-mile row to the Locks, a half-hour to rest while descending 45 feet to the lower Willamette, then a mere 11-mile sprint to the finish. The medals, designed and made by Bill Byrd, are worth rowing the distance.